About us


First trip together: India in February 2013 for 3 weeks

Biggest travel obstacle: Our trip to Oman in 2014 chewed us up and spit us back out with a broken foot for Jason and a chipped tooth for Emilie. A few rough moments, but an amazing trip overall.

Inspiration for this trip: For a long time Emilie wanted to live and work overseas for a year (in London particularly). Jason wasn’t so sure. After much back and forth, the idea finally transformed itself into a 9 month trip across Siberia, Asia and Europe, to fulfill a longheld dream of crossing the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Making it happen: Emilie was able to obtain unpaid leave from work from September 2016 until July 2017. Although this option wasn’t available for Jason, the desire to travel was strong enough for him to decide to leave his current job. After our trip to Oman in September 2014, we held off on travelling anywhere else for 2 years to save up every penny we could, cutting our spending on books, clothing, minimizing nights out, etc.

Name: Emilie Rehel Jason Hawke
Age: 33 32
What I’ll miss the most: apart from friends and family, my bedside fan and pillow cooking and playing guitar
What I’ll miss the least: the daily grind, having a routine working
I need to have: an eye mask and earplugs (I’ve packed several pairs to be sure) coffee in the morning, food all day
I packed this just because: my christmas socks (first Christmas away from home!) binoculars – for that one bird we might see
I hope to hear: the sounds of the unfamiliar languages I can’t understand
I hope to see: a ballet in Russia, eagle hunters in Mongolia whale sharks, a hockey game in Russia
I hope to try: tai-chi in China, a cooking class in Thailand, scuba diving for the first time horseback riding in Mongolia
I’m most excited about: the freedom to choose every day, every place having no strings attached, complete freedom
Mission statement: keep an open mind, go with the flow, there are no shoulds! to follow my feet and my instincts
Biggest wish for this trip: to invest myself in every moment, to focus on the here and now, and to come back feeling satisfied that I did what I wanted and not what I thought I should/must do to meet great people and to both have a sense of fulfillment after this trip

6 thoughts on “About us

  1. Audrey Pedneault says:

    Je vous trouve très chanceux de pouvoir réaliser vos rêves maintenant que vous avez la jeunesse et la santé pour le faire. Bravo et que la chance vous accompagne !


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