Photo gallery

Some snapshots from the road!


10 thoughts on “Photo gallery

  1. Jane Cyr says:

    C’est un plaisir de voyager avec vous! Merci pour les belles photos et je suis en accord avec Janet pour l’Ă©criture du livre! Vous avez un belle plume!!!


  2. Lise Provencher says:

    Love the blog. The photos are splendid – those taken on your adventure in western Mongolia have a national geographic flare to them. Loving travelling with you

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  3. Lorraine Fortier says:

    C’est la première fois que je consulte le blog – c’est merveilleux de vous suivre dans tous vos dĂ©placements. Profitez bien de ces magnifques endroits, quel dĂ©paysement.

    Je t’embrasse ma belle Émilie.

    Lorraine, xx


  4. Ex-boss says:

    Love the new banner, congrats to the artist :). Hope everything’s alright, no news since December 21, you’re probably taking it easy in Vietnam…Good way to start 2017. Best, Jens


    • Emilie Rehel says:

      Hi Jens! Thank you for keeping up with the blog despite our long silence! We are currently in Thailand and were caught in the monsoon flooding in the south – but we are currently back in Bangkok and all is well now! We are going to post a couple new blogs shortly (one just posted a couple minutes ago). Trying to catch up and our tardiness! 🙂 Happy new year!


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