Photo gallery

Some snapshots from the road!


10 thoughts on “Photo gallery

  1. Jane Cyr says:

    C’est un plaisir de voyager avec vous! Merci pour les belles photos et je suis en accord avec Janet pour l’écriture du livre! Vous avez un belle plume!!!


  2. Lise Provencher says:

    Love the blog. The photos are splendid – those taken on your adventure in western Mongolia have a national geographic flare to them. Loving travelling with you

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  3. Lorraine Fortier says:

    C’est la première fois que je consulte le blog – c’est merveilleux de vous suivre dans tous vos déplacements. Profitez bien de ces magnifques endroits, quel dépaysement.

    Je t’embrasse ma belle Émilie.

    Lorraine, xx


  4. Ex-boss says:

    Love the new banner, congrats to the artist :). Hope everything’s alright, no news since December 21, you’re probably taking it easy in Vietnam…Good way to start 2017. Best, Jens


    • Emilie Rehel says:

      Hi Jens! Thank you for keeping up with the blog despite our long silence! We are currently in Thailand and were caught in the monsoon flooding in the south – but we are currently back in Bangkok and all is well now! We are going to post a couple new blogs shortly (one just posted a couple minutes ago). Trying to catch up and our tardiness! 🙂 Happy new year!


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